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Welcome to the Oasis of African Safaris

Thank you for visiting Oasis Africa Photo Safaris.  My name is Craig Berger, and I lead small safari groups into the most wonderful national parks and game reserves in Africa.  My African safari company is small in size but not in the attention and quality of committed service I provide for my clients.  Being a boutique operation, I don’t merely want to give you an African safari tour straight off the rack, but to discuss all the possibilities and create an African safari tour that is a custom fit for your needs and budget.  You may only take one safari in your life, so let’s make it count. I have over 28 years experience as a safari guide, and   I’ve traveled in Africa since 1975.

Oasis Africa is an independent tour company based in the United States.  I am the owner of the company, and I will always be with the tour group.  My attention and concern is always focused on your safari adventure.  Why?  Because I want you to come back, or because I want you to rave so much that your friends will have to come with me.  Most tour operators farm out their African safari tours to local independent tour guides or other safari outfitting agents who find the next available guide and vehicle to take you on a game drive.  Right now, if you were to book a tour with some other company, they probably couldn’t tell you, in total honesty, who your guide would be.  I can because I will be behind the wheel spotting that pride of lions and expertly setting up your photo opportunity.  An African photo safari is a big undertaking, and a big expense, so you should want a safari company dedicated only to your desires.  Come on a “Big Five” African safari with me!

I started this company to do what I love the most: travel southern Africa. I do it because I love to get clients to experience the wonders, excitement, and incredible beauty experienced only in an African safari.  I don’t want to sit back in Connecticut and sell safaris; I want to be there to find that leopard or that pack of African Hunting Dogs, and I want to stand around the braai with you as we cook our dinner.  What’s a braai?  Ask me.

My Concept

Sure, I can take you anyplace in Africa, but I prefer the ease of travel in and the outstanding destinations of southern Africa.  I prefer the bountiful national parks and reserves instead of the smaller private reserves owned by resort corporations.  You don’t know this yet, but I do…. you want the thrill of a confrontation with a rogue elephant pushing us back…you want the beauty and incredible cuteness of a dwarf mongoose…you want so many things that you don’t even realize you want …no, need.  I got the “African Bug” way so long and so many years ago.  Damn….let me try to sell you on an African safari.
I will be pleased to discuss the difference with you, but, basically, if you’ve been told to go to Mala Mala or Londolozi in Sabi Sands area, I must ask you why.  The entire Sabi Sands area is a tiny fraction of the size of Kruger National Park. Sabi Sands Luxury Lodges give you a taste of an Africa safari, but it is conducted within many fenced in areas set up to segregate the animals from each other. In short, they don’t want the lion they bought to kill that roan antelope they bought, so they put them in different “cages.”
Kruger National Park is one of the largest wildlife preserves in the world, and it is truly wild. It is true bush!

Another consideration for the national parks and reserves is that they are much less expensive.  Mala Mala and the hundreds of other small private reserves often charge up to $1500 per day per person.  A place like Kruger is about one fourth the cost.

Oasis Africa is one of a handful of small companies that provide the small group safari experience.  My safaris are limited to four people in the vehicle.  Some of the large companies sell a grand tour in a 40 person Greyhound type touring bus, then they put ten clients into each open game viewer and drive around the dusty roads to show you anything on four feet (or two feet is it’s an ostrich).  Having a max of 4 people is ideal.  For instance, if you are two couples traveling together or a family of four, you will be the only people in that entire safari.  I will often plan a safari for one or two people in hopes that I can add others to the group, but I will still limit the number of clients to four people per vehicle.  I do this because everyone needs a window and everyone needs room to move about. I only tour in an enclosed vehicle such as a Land Rover Defender 110.  If I plan a safari for two people, but fail to get others to join, I will still conduct the tour for you even if I don’t make bucks.  Don’t you get it?  My reward is being in the bush with you! But what if you are five or more people?  Well, I will use another vehicle and another guide. My Landy has 5 windows that open and if you are a family of 5, we can suffer through it to save you some money.

Hey, just write to me and tell me what you need.

For many years I’ve been asked why my safaris are cheaper than others. The easiest response is because I market and actually conduct the safaris I sell.  I don’t have a large office or store front, and I don’t have lots of employees.  I’m not a series of travel agents and safari outfitters getting 20% to 50% finders fee each time they pass your information to the next person.

Wow, what a downer it would be for me to stay in Connecticut while you go on safari that I sold you!  I want to sell you a safari that gives me the opportunity to take you to the bush and show you the Africa that I love.  I’m sure you’ve searched out other safari websites, but have you noticed how very few will actually give you a price?  You must contact them for more information.  Right here, I want to provide as much information as I can so that you can either decide that I’m you guide you need, or that you should move on to one of the big boy$.

Contact me and let’s communicate. I love to talk African safari. Let me explain the different ways to take a safari…to be more blunt, do you want to be part of a 20 to 40 person group on a large bus with tinted windows that don’t even open?  You shouldn’t want that for an African photo safari. You should want to be in a comfortable small vehicle with 2 or 3 or 4 people. You should want a company that assists you in every facet of your holiday planning, and one that actually guides you down all the dirt roads of a game reserve where you find the real Africa.  You should want a guide who cares about you.  My African safaris can take you bird watching; we can go whale watching; we can go on an African lion safari, or we can go on a camping safari in the Kalahari.  We can do it all, and I’m open to any suggestion you have.
Southern Africa is a magical place, and I’d love to share it with you.  Since September 11th, tourism around the world has been hard hit.  However, tourism in South Africa increased. Why?  Because not only is it a dream holiday vacation destination for so many people, but it is a very safe place.  Of late, there have been great problems in Kenya and Tanzania, there have been problems in Nigeria; there has been Ebola 4000 miles away in Liberia, and adventure seekers are looking for a safer safari destination. This place is South Africa.

Would you be interested in a long-term overland photo safari?
Five, six, seven, eight weeks? I’d love it and would give you a special price!

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