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Racing the sunrise. admin On 15 September, 2015

So, we shoot out the gate in search of great critters. We may be lucky and find something super, and we can spend quality time with it; often alone.¬† When the sun rises, we get the most beautiful lighting for…

The Morning Game Drive and the Sunrise admin On 28 August, 2015

I like to be one of the first safari vehicles through the gates in the morning. This often means getting there 45 minutes before gate opening time.¬† And I do make my clients get up early and either ride up…

The African Painted Dog. They’re Wild! admin On 23 August, 2015

My favorite creature to encounter...I forgot cheetah....well one of my two favorite, no, forgot the dwarf mongoose. Well, one creature I will never pass up, and one of my many favorite creatures is the African Wild Dog...or is it called…