I will be your guide and cook on every safari.


What does an African safari cost?

I know that you have been scared off by the $7,000 to $12,000 price tag per person offered by some tour companies.  Who wouldn't be?  Big Bucks! To be honest, my safaris are less expensive than most, but, at least to me, I still consider it to be big bucks.  A major reason why Oasis Africa Safaris is less expensive is because I not only market the safari tours, but I conduct them.  Many African safaris are sold through a series of travel agents who each take a big chunk of your money as a commission. So, what is included in my price? That's the biggest question you should want answered.  I can include anything you want; I can calculate the total cost of your trip including all airfare, transportation, all fees, tips, food, night or day drives with park rangers...anything. I cannot get a discount for you on airfares, so it is best for you to book your own flights, but let me suggest the flights and help you do it.    I have no hidden charges that will pop up later, and I will never increase my quote to you unless you request changes that cost more.

5 nights and 6 days in Kruger National Park, and I charge

$2,695.00 per person

when it is double occupancy. If you are a solo traveler, I charge about $50 more per night because of the extra accommodation cost. This does not include any airfare nor any accommodation before or after the safari.

It includes entry fees, community levy, and the "Wild Card" conservation fee of about $200 per person. It includes my guide services and safari vehicle, en suite bungalow with heat/AC in the Kruger camps, and daily meals that we prepare. I do not include any elective activity such as a night drive or bush walk with park rangers, but these are only about $20. I joke when I say that it includes everything except your Snickers and gin & tonics, but that is pretty much it.  I don't hide any cost from you just to make my price lower.
The one thing you may not realize is that the biggest bargain of all is that you will only have a maximum of 4 clients in the vehicle.
A smaller safari group size increases the total enjoyment of game viewing and is a must for superior photography.  If you check out other companies, be sure to ask how many people will be in the group.  Be sure to ask what kind of vehicle will be used and if you will have your own window and a dedicated cushioned shooting platform.
Most of my safaris are conducted in Kruger National Park because it is the top safari destination in the world.  It is the safari destination I feel obliged to suggest if this is your first safari.  If you want to visit some other park or reserve in South Africa, the cost will be similar, but sometimes there is extra travel expense and sometimes more expensive accommodation.  For instance, the chalet cost in Hluhluwe Reserve is about half again as much as Kruger's bungalows, but still quite inexpensive.  You can count on my prices to always be at the low end and very competitive. When we travel outside of South Africa, the cost is usually more. The other countries usually add on a tourism surcharge and charge higher conservation fees.  Accommodation is also much more expensive and usually outside of the game reserves. I tailor make most every tour to what you want to experience.  Few companies do this, and no other company will offer such a boutique operation for the price I will quote.  I can calculate a tour for just one person, or I can figure it for over dozen people (but only 4 people per vehicle).  It won't take very long for me to give you a cost. It is difficult to compare my prices with other companies because, most often, you get so much more with me.  You will have a dedicated guide (me) who will not only plan your South Africa safari and trip, but will guide you.  If we go from Kruger Park to Hluhluwe-iMfolozi, I will be the driver. If we go to the Kalahari, I will be there with you.  In some cases, to save you money, I will send you to Cape Town or someplace else where I know you do not, necessarily, need my skills.  I can get you a local guide and save you money.

What about traveling with your kids?

I welcome families, and I will try to give you reduced rates whenever possible.  As far as lodging is concerned, I will try to get reduced rates and appropriate accommodations whenever they are available.  Very often, accommodations can have three beds, or I can get family accommodation with two or more bedrooms.  If you want to come with 3 children, we can save money by using only one vehicle and guide since my Land Rover has 5 client windows.  I would never add an outside party to your group of 4 or 5 or more.  What if you are a just parents and one child?  Well, I'd just make a special safari for the three of you.  It would not be fair for me to put a child, even your lovely child, with someone not related to you.  Remember, it is always best to plan your safari well in advance. This way, you have the best opportunity of getting the best and most appropriate accommodation.  I often begin working with clients over a year in advance.
You have probably researched a number of other tours in southern Africa, and you have found me to be at the low end. This is where I want to be, but please keep in mind that my tours are not "low end."  My intent is to give you the authentic southern Africa.  In the game parks, you will stay in cottages, chalets, or rondavels built in the African style.  In the cities, you can stay in smaller, privately run guest houses or boutique hotels, usually in the finest residential areas near the city center, or in a super hotel at the V&A Waterfront.  I have only provided pricing for safaris to Kruger.  Should you want to go to another reserve, I can give a price as soon as I check the cost of accommodation and other fees of that park.  I will help to plan your entire trip and if anyplace offers a reduced rate to me, I will pass the savings on to you.
Would you be interested in a long-term overland photo safari? Five, six, seven, eight weeks? I'd love it and would give you a special price! Plan Your Safari