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Racing the sunrise.

Racing the sunrise.

admin On 15 September, 2015

_TES 3749So, we shoot out the gate in search of great critters. We may be lucky and find something super, and we can spend quality time with it; often alone.  When the sun rises, we get the most beautiful lighting for about 30-45 minutes. I want you to shoot anything and everything with great lighting because it will enhance your shots so very much.


But what if we are still on the hunt when the sun starts to pop?  Well, I have a secret timer inside my little brain.  One part is looking for critters and another part is watching the sun…rather watching where I think the sun will come up.  When I decide the sun is going to come up in 5 or 10 minutes, I do a mad hunt for anything that can be a great sunrise shot. Of course, something like an elephant or giraffe is super to have in the shot (as a silhouette). Most often, we don’t find anything in the proper location, so I hunt for something else like a tree or windmill….anything.



Some of the time, we have a lot of moisture or fog in the atmosphere. Sometimes there are clouds on the horizon. In fact, I hope for these because the sun can become so bright so “hot” in a matter of seconds that any shot is useless.  Filtering a hot sun through a tree or bush can give a great enhancement. The same goes for clouds or fog, though the sun is rarely too hot with these.

The other simple trick we use to shoot sunrise is a simple negative compensation to make the shot darker.  If you’ve never used negative or positive compensation, you’ll get the thirty second lesson and you’ll be an expert. 

Sunrise01 Sunrise2a

The last thing for a good sunrise shot is simple editing. I can’t help you much with this because I can’t photoshop, but I can use the simple photo editors to help create the picture I want.